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Bad Stuff
Ecological footprint of
imported food
Loss of local
food security
Loss of arable land
to urbanization
Chemically Intensive Agriculture
Diminished economic viability of the small farm
Rudolf Steiner
1861 - 1925
New Ideas in Agriculture
Robyn Van En
1948 -1997
Jan VanderTuin
Founded 1971
Basic Formula to Create
Community Supported Agriculture
- membership structure
- products for a set number of weeks a year
- shared risk and reward agreement
CSA Farms Today
- 12,000+ in USA
- 1000? in Canada
- 700? in U.K.
Unique Needs of a CSA
- Marketing
- Membership Management
- Share Management 
- Share Add On Programs
Smells Like a Web App
circa 2009
Single Web Application
To Rule Them All
Marketing Tools
“Add water and enjoy” Website Builder
- No special skills required (other than how to use a web browser)
- Theme-able
- Your own HarvestHand domain ( or (
- Hot wired for e-commerce
Marketing Tools
- Life on the farm updates for members and prospects
Marketing Tools
- Maintain engement
- Instantly target your market segments
- Auto publish to email, web site, social media
Marketing Tools
Being Social
- Automatically publish your HarvestHand content on Facebook or Twitter
Member Tools
Existing Members
- Your own membership sign up form
- You define the shares, share options, and payment terms
- Optionally collect payment online (PayPal)
- View invoices
- Make payments
- Order new shares or share add ons
- Update contact information
Share Tools
Manage your weekly, semi-monthly, or
monthly shares
- Publish share contents to your website, email newsletter, social media,
or RSS news feed 
Drop off locations
- You define your drop off locations, special pickup instructions, and map
- Print share location delivery lists
Share Add Ons
Adhoc Add Ons
- Diversify share income opportunities
- You define an add on inventory and prices
- Members can browse add ons on your website or in your newsletter
- Members can purchase add ons online and optionally pay online as well
- Add ons are added to share location delivery lists
2012 - Closed Beta
2013 - ?